JCB Fleet

Brit European and JCB push to reduce carbon emissions

Brit European has renewed its contract to distribute finished JCB products from its production sites in Staffordshire to dealers and ports of export within the UK. The 5 + 2 year deal extends what has already been a 15 year relationship between the two companies. Fundamental to the renewal is the drive to reduce carbon emissions and increase value to the customer. Both companies have corporate targets to reduce carbon emissions significantly (25% plus) and improve efficiency over the next 5 years.
Brit European is investing in a new fleet of dual fuel vehicles which will be in the familiar JCB yellow with dual Brit European and JCB branding. The first vehicles will be operational by the 1st March 2013 with the full dual fuel fleet in service by September 2013. The dual fuel vehicles use a combination of Diesel and Compressed Natural Gas to achieve a CO2 saving per mile of over 15% which over a 5 year period will save an estimated x tonnes of CO2 on JCB deliveries. There is also investment in new trailer equipment to support the development of JCB Excavators produced at its Beamhurst facility near Uttoxeter.
“Without the support and drive from JCB, we probably wouldn’t be where we are today on dual fuel,” stated Graham Lackey, Brit European Managing Director. “The understanding that significant investments like these into new technology areas need the support and long term commitment of customers like JCB is critical. Two and three year deals mean these types of initiatives often get shelved and there are few business’s willing to take this on board. Perhaps it is no surprise JCB is one of the most successful companies in the UK. My team knows that flexibility and the ability to adapt is key to maintaining the relationship with JCB and over the next few years I expect to see many more new innovations and ideas from both sides.