2014 was a year of recognition

As 2014 draws to a close its time to reflect on the ups and downs of the last 12 months. There’s no denying that the summer was good but we are now told that winter will be the coldest since records began!!
For Brit European it has been a year of recognition. Two awards in one year has never before been achieved by any other carrier. The first award – Low Carbon and Efficiency Award 2014 – was presented by the Motor Transport Magazine at the Grosvenor Hotel, London and the second award – Environmental Awareness 2014 – was presented by the Automotive Supply Chain Magazine at Claridges Hotel, London. Not content with the awards, Brit European also has a claim to a worlds first! In November 2014 the worlds first dual fuel car transporter (see below) went into operation. At present it is used to move Jaguar Land Rover cars from Halewood.
Innovation is now a fundamental part of the psyche of Brit European. Always looking for ways of doing things differently has meant that customers and suppliers alike are embracing the changes to the status quo which we are advocating. The introduction of the dual fuel car transporter at JLR and the ensuing photo-shoot means that the vehicle will be seen by over 20,000 readers of the JLR newsletter worldwide.

On the customer front we will have a positive start to 2015 for the Car Division with the extension of the Porsche contract for a further 2 years and the start of the new BMW Mini Contract in January 2015