IMG_0542Brit European has seen the opening of the new gas refuelling facility at Scunthorpe in November 2015 and this is already being well utilised by the automotive divisions within the Group (Car and High and Heavy) on a daily basis. In addition to our own gas refuelling site we are also trialling an ‘all gas’ Scania vehicle as an option for localised/short distance traffic in the future.
The second major site opening is scheduled for 21st December 2015 with the new workshop and transhipment hub at Marchington, near Uttoxeter and pictured above. The purpose built workshop has 3 x 20 metre bays with 5 metre access doors, two pits and its own brake tester. It will be used to carry out all routine maintenance work on the trailer fleet based around JCB. The compound, as well as having a permanent axle weighbridge, is fully floodlit and has the capability to park the A50 based fleet and act as short term storage/shipment base for all the automotive product we carry. There are also showers, toilets and kitchen facilities available for drivers on site.