Brit European Group @ Chester Races 2019

Over the weekend, we were lucky enough to visit Chester Races for their annual Autumn Festival event. Team members from ‘Brit European’, ‘Silver Arrow Recruitment’ and ‘Miles More Media’ were invited to attend as a gesture of gratitude from the Directors and Shareholders of the Brit European Group. The event was fantastic and won’t be forgotten any time soon!

The morning began at 11:30am, when all guests were greeted by our Managing Director, Graham Lackey, into our private chalet in the hospitality ‘Festival Village’.

The room was set for an exquisite three course meal, with a few added extras. Each team member received a personalised table favour with a pre-paid bet inside, as well as unlimited drinks throughout the day. In one corner was a fully stocked bar and a wonderful team of waiters, in another was our own private betting stand and in a third was a sweet cart decorated beautifully in our company colours.

After the first course of the meal, Graham delivered a team building and training presentation (as well as a few tips for the members of the team who were new to the world of horse racing).

Following the completion of the speech, each table was given an A4 sheet to decide on a joint winner for each race. The sheets were collected and the results collated after the final race. We had some interesting team names amongst the tables, including “Just going to the loo!”, “Hot to trot”, “Grunters” and “Expecting Toulouse” but in the end “Brendon’s Warriors” came out on top, predicting 3 of the race winners! The game provided a great ice breaker and some friendly competition between each table.

The afternoon continued on in the sunshine, with outdoor music and horse racing.  A stone’s throw away from our chalet was the race track, where our team enjoyed cheering the horses they’d backed earlier in the day.

Later in the afternoon, we were provided with even more food in the form of afternoon tea. Which offered a short respite before the concluding races of the day.

The event was a great success and was topped off by a few wins too! Before we knew it, the day was over and it was time to hit the hay… (Pun intended)!

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Emma Cotton who without her hard work and organisation, the day would not have gone ahead, Sally Carman for picking yet another great weekend, Levi Noel-Duff for organising the sweet cart, table favours and table game and Tony Curran for his assistance with organising the table favours.

Below are some of the photos taken throughout the day by our Social Media and Marketing Executive, Levi.



For a full run down of the winners, visit the Chester Races website here: