Healthcare Project of the Year 2020

Weightlifter Client wins Healthcare Project of the Year Award


     Darwin Group have received recognition for their recent work for the NHS, by using offsite modular technology at a number of hospitals during lockdown- in the form of the prestigious “Healthcare Project of the Year 2020”, issued by Offsite Construction Awards.

     The 2020 Offsite Construction Awards received over 200 entries from companies who are at the forefront of the industry in terms of innovation and expertise.

     Darwin Group initially secured the development for Nightingale wards to be built for three hospitals at Wigan, Barnet and Wolverhampton.  The first ward to be installed was at Wigan Hospital, which consisted of 36 modules being delivered by Weightlifter Haulage and Logistics, and installed over a 36-hour period.

     18 vehicles were used on this operation, with the modules being taken on and off the vehicles by crane, and using Wigan Football Club as a local staging area for the loads to be called in..

     Prior to the install Weightlifter carried out a full access and route survey to ensure a smooth delivery, requiring input from the local authorities and Police, an essential part of ensuring a prompt and efficient instal.

     The Wigan Hospital ward project was completed 3 days ahead of schedule, with patients arriving on the ward only 31 days after work started.

     Barnet Hospital was next and of a similar size to the Wigan ward, and was completed in the same time scale using the famous Pinewood studios as the local holding area.

     Wolverhampton hospital was larger still, with 56 modules forming the building, and was installed over a 4-day period, with Darwin and Weightlifter operating 24 hours a day.  Due to the proximity of this hospital to the Darwin Group in Shrewsbury, Weightlifter were able to operate without a holding area, and could shuttle directly between the manufacturing plant and the hospital.

     Since the completion of the above wards Weightlifter have revisited Wigan Hospital with a further 80 modules and are currently working with Darwin Group on 280 modules for Cardiff Hospital.

Weightlifter Haulage and Logistics is a high-quality supply chain partner for the offsite construction /modular buildings industry, and are experienced in helping to plan, project manage and deliver (on time) across the installation. As part of the Brit European Group, an international award-winning specialist road transport and logistics group, they have 100 years of innovation and experience to call upon.

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