Brit European Newsletter – May 2015

2015 is now well under way and we have seen higher than expected car volumes in February and March. Full marks to the Operations Teams in coping with the increased volumes.

One of the priorities we have for the remainder of the year is to make further significant inroads into the Van Market. Vans are getting wider and longer to meet the payload expectations of the end user. This provides a significant challenge to the normal methods of transporting these vehicles at the start or end of their life.

The diversity and range of product continues to increase to match the end users increasing demands on this type of equipment. Squeezing large vans onto transporters which have been purpose built for cars is becoming increasingly difficult leading to inefficiencies in both car and van distribution. Due to our innovative approach to problem solving we are now the only high volume logistics operator in the UK to have designed and purpose built a range of transporters to optimise and focus on Vans, Chassis Cabs and Pick-Ups. From extended length articulated trailers to multi-deck/multi-fuel drawbar transporters no van is too large or too awkward for us to move safely and efficiently.

We are undertaking a strong sales push in the Van Market during the rest of this year and by having the right type of equipment allows us to offer the Manufacturers a solution no other carriers can.