The Directors and Employees as a whole of Brit European Transport Limited are committed to the provision of haulage services that lead to total customer satisfaction, commensurate with the purpose, strategy and Context of the Organisation and in compliance with all applicable legal and other requirements including the protocols and practices specified by the BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Standard.

It is recognised that the above may only be achieved by there being an understanding within the Organisation of customer needs and expectations and the risks and opportunities that affect delivery of those services in accordance with or surpassing established customer requirements and specification.

The Directors understand that the on-going success of the business and maintenance of excellent customer service depends on the continual improvement of the Quality Management System. They are therefore committed to the review and evaluation of all aspects of Quality Performance to ensure that any weaknesses or non-conformances identified are quickly resolved and that opportunities for improvement are captured, with changes appropriately planned and the results effectively implemented.

To further promote continual improvement, the Company will ensure that all employees are suitably trained for their work roles and will maintain a framework for the setting, communication, review and evaluation of Quality Objectives.

This Quality Policy Statement will be communicated throughout the Organisation and will be made available to external third parties on request.