“Europe is Burning” – is climate change to blame? And what can we do…?

By Brit European | 9th August 2023

During the summer of 2023 (as the UK has typically largely wallowed in summer showers) Europe has been reporting record temperatures.  62,000 deaths across Europe were attributed to being heat related in the summer of 2022 alone. Europe is not isolated, with temperatures exceeding 50C in the US and Northwest China. Paradoxically there have even…


By Brit European | 31st July 2023

Meet Darren Wilkinson and Martin Barker. We’ve had a lot going on at Brit European recently with the opening of the staggering Vita Nova Centre – so sometimes it’s nice to pause to reflect – and acknowledge the people that make Brit European the success it is today. Some readers may remember, as recently as…

Brit European Transport – The Vita Nova Centre Official Opening 23/06/23

By Brit European | 23rd June 2023

  Can you imagine a 100% carbon neutral operations centre?  A combination of ground breaking technology and visionary thinking?  Welcome to the “Vita Nova Centre”. The Brit European Group recently moved to a new head office location – the Vita Nova Centre – near junction 18 of the M6, at Middlewich. The Centre was designed…

Meet the Boss – a chat with Graham Lackey, CEO of Brit European Transport

By Brit European | 6th June 2023

  Ever wanted to know what inspires the inspiring?  What makes our industry leaders get out of bed in the morning?  From “Carex” to Car transporters; from an innovative green operating centre to identifying trends before they happen; from technical advancement to Top Gun; Brit European client eStar Truck and Van Limited had the opportunity…


By Brit European | 5th June 2023

  The UK’s first all-electric ready-mix concrete mixer has successfully completed a three-month trial of commercial deliveries across Birmingham for Tarmac, marking a significant step on the path to net zero construction. The ‘e-mixer’, created in partnership with Renault Trucks and TVS Interfleet, is the first of its kind to operate anywhere in the UK…

Women are under-represented in trucking. Here’s how things can change

By Brit European | 9th May 2023

  Women can see things from a different perspective, which will help drive innovation and encourage positive reactions. Britain’s CV sector recently joined in celebration of International Women’s Day, a global event to highlight the achievements of women, promote equality and raise awareness about discrimination. To mark the event, businesses in the transport sector have…

The dangers of Britain’s smart motorways are finally flagged up by safety experts

By Brit European | 18th April 2023

Report reveals what truck drivers have beensaying for ages. Trevor Gehlcken reports Nearly 40 people have been killed on them since they were launched in 2014 and problems with the technology that is supposed to alert drivers when a lane ahead is blocked doesn’t always work in time to avoid disaster. These problems and others…

The government needs to cut extra costs or the haulage industry will fail to thrive

By Brit European | 16th March 2023

  Next week, the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, will unveil the first full budget of his ministry. I recognise that there will be a lot of different pressures acting on it, as well as the need to balance investment in our future with fixing the public finances. Nonetheless, this country’s growth depends on an effective…

New Home – update!

By Brit European | 15th February 2023

Never let it be said that we don’t work as a team at Brit European! Pictured is our Compliance Director Tracey Waring – getting stuck in at our new site!