Brit European Transport – The Vita Nova Centre Official Opening 23/06/23


Can you imagine a 100% carbon neutral operations centre?  A combination of ground breaking technology and visionary thinking?  Welcome to the “Vita Nova Centre”.

The Brit European Group recently moved to a new head office location – the Vita Nova Centre – near junction 18 of the M6, at Middlewich.

The Centre was designed with two major environmental objectives at its core. The first aim was to be carbon neutral in its build and operation – the second for it to be completely off grid.


At the same time, it needed to operate as an efficient and effective transport yard/head office for 75 vehicles and 50 staff – it’s fair to say we enjoy a challenge!

After a huge amount of work and organisation, we are truly delighted with the results – and here are just some of the things that make the site truly unique.

The site utilises the most modern techniques available in terms of “green” technology – and is innovative in terms of how these techniques are applied.

We have all heard of solar power – the site uses the latest solar technology available, deployed on the roof tops of all the buildings saving power to batteries on site.


Wind power?  We generate this from a brand-new form of wind tower that has no moving parts on the outside.  This way we generate the power but quietly, and in a way that is non-intrusive to the environment.

This being England, we also thought to harvest rainwater – reducing water usage by 85% and using recycling for all toilet flushing and vehicle washing.

Speaking of which, even the buildings themselves have been designed and created with the environment in mind.  The Head Office itself is modular and constructed of a repurposed steel frame – the most efficient building in terms of energy use, with an “A” rating.

The workshop has been constructed using shipping containers, avoiding the need for foundations and pits being placed.  If there is ever the need for the buildings to be moved or re-sited, there is no residual impact on the environment.

Finally, the local environment itself is not being overlooked.  A full ecologically based planting scheme uses modern landscaping techniques to encourage biodiversity, and aims to bring the areas’ ecosystem back to its original state – before industrialisation in the late 1800s.


With the site being officially opened on the Friday 23rd June 2023 Brit European Transport will once again be demonstrating “Innovation, Flexibility and Service” as we head toward our 100th birthday!