Over 2.5 million drivers caught speeding


Brit European Transport Group takes road safety extremely seriously – both for our own drivers and for other drivers and vehicle users on the road.

According to new figures from the Home Office, more than 2.5 million drivers faced a fixed penalty, a driver awareness course or were sent to court in 2022.

Tougher legislation was introduced in March 2022, and the year on year increase was dramatic:

Jack Cousens, head of roads policy for the AA, said:

“Almost three million drivers were caught and prosecuted for how they acted on the roads.

“With speeding at a record high, it is a timely reminder that the best regulator of speed is the driver’s right foot.”

He added:

“The tightening of the law for using a handheld mobile phone behind the wheel saw a significant increase in drivers being issued fines and points.

“The AA led the campaign to highlight the dangers of picking up the phone while driving, now we need drivers to hang up their handset rather than fiddle with the phone.”

Celebrating 100 years in the industry in 2024, Brit European Transport has seen many rule changes and amendments over the years.  This means that not only is a key part of the business ensuring the compliance and safety of our vehicles, but also the training of staff and drivers.

Changes in the Highway Code in January 2022 also introduced a “hierarchy” of road users, with better protection for pedestrians amongst other groups.  Offences for neglecting pedestrian rights and traffic signs increased by a third year on year.

Research shows illegal phone usage is still rife.  30% of under-25s admitted to video calling while driving, up from 17% in 2022.  The Government changed the law to cover any use of a handheld phone while driving in 2022.

RAC road safety spokesman Rod Dennis said:

“It’s more than 20 years since it first became illegal to use a handheld phone while driving, and 17 years since the offence was first punishable through penalty points.

“Yet despite the penalties having since doubled to six penalty points and a £200 fine seven years ago, it’s clear far too many drivers are still prepared to put lives at risk by engaging in this dangerous practice.”

The Brit European Driver Academy is just one example of the strict training and qualification programme our drivers are put through to ensure that they are professional, considerate – and SAFE while driving any of our vehicles.

The RAC suspects that the main reason for the increase in some drivers taking the risk is lack of enforcement, which means there is little fear of being caught. Police trials of new cameras, capable of identifying drivers who are not wearing a seatbelt or using a mobile phone while driving, are being expanded.

If you would like to find out more about the Brit European Driver Academy and how we are working to maintain high standards in the quality and safety of our drivers, please contact us here;  britacademy@briteuropean.co.uk