Meet Darren Wilkinson and Martin Barker.
We’ve had a lot going on at Brit European recently with the opening of the staggering Vita Nova Centre – so sometimes it’s nice to pause to reflect – and acknowledge the people that make Brit European the success it is today.
Some readers may remember, as recently as 2021, both these superstars joined the Brit European Drivers Academy. “Superstars”? We should really say “Super Drivers”.
Darren came to us with just a car license and acquired his HGV licenses through our Academy scheme. Martin joined with his Class 2 license and he obtained his Class 1 license.
Darren and Martin have reached the absolute PINNACLE in terms of how far they can go while at the Academy; this means that they are able to safely and competently operate on ALL of our vehicle types, and load any of the different types of product allocated for delivery on that vehicle.
Both men have progressed from driving just a rigid vehicle – loading a couple of vans/chassis to the artic fleet – moving on to JCB plant delivery. From here they have moved on to transporter work eventually getting to a stage where they are able to load even the most complex of combinations onto our transporters.
Gaining their HGV driving qualification is only the beginning of an Academy Graduate’s journey, as for the first two years of employment Brit European offer constant support, and dynamically review the direction in which drivers can progress.
All Academy drivers have a weekly call from the training department – giving them a two-way line of communication to ask any questions, get things off their chest or just generally let off steam! This also forms part of the constant review to see where the drivers are now – where they want to be in the future – and how we can work together to get there.
The important thing is that Academy drivers – often relatively new to the industry – know that the full might of Brit European is there to support them.
It is no easy feat to achieve such massive success over such a short period of time, and everyone at Brit European is extremely proud of the work put in by Darren, Martin and the training team to get them here.
Darren and Martin – take a bow!
Be smart. Be like Darren and Martin. Learn more about the Brit European Driver Academy here;