Middlewich Site Update

All is progressing as planned (due to the continued good weather!)

At this time we still expect us to be able to take possession of the east side of the site (where the office and maintenance canopy is located) in Jan 2023.  Even without the full area of the site being completed, the amount of space for vehicle parking in that area alone will be larger than we have at present!

Work on the area beyond the power lines on the west end of the site will likely go into Jan/Feb 2023, until the surface is completed.

The above is looking from the south boundary of the site towards the top north east corner, where the new office and maintenance buildings will be sited.  The area is now being stoned and rolled, the drainage duct work is due to commence this week, and the first of the concreting work is scheduled to start next week!

There’s circa 5000 tonnes of sand to be removed from site!  This has been replaced with clay soil (also found during excavations on the site).  The reason for this is that clay soil is more difficult to dispose of than sand – and it also offers a more robust foundation than sand for the purposes of this project.

This is the site Attenuation Pond!

Situated at the far west corner, the purpose of this is to hold back excess surface water.  This will enable a controlled release into the local brook in the event of considerable rainfall, or the “once in 100 year storm” as known in the industry.

There’s also circa 9000 tonnes of top soil to be removed!  This view is towards (what will be) the west corner of the site, behind which is located the Attenuation Pond.

You may also note the overhead power lines that run across the site; these are not programmed for removal until 31st Oct by the power company, thus adding complications to the scheduling of the site levelling!

Following the completion of the site levelling work on the east side of the site, this is the embankment now left on the south boundary falling down to the brook (which runs along where the blue fence can just be seen in the distance)  There is approximately 15 metre height variance from the site level down to the brook level.

As part of Jones Bros environmental awareness, they have recently introduced these solar powered units to supply power to the onsite cabins to reduce their reliance on diesel powered generators! There is a still a small diesel powered engine inside this unit which only starts if the batteries run low, but since this was installed about a month ago it has only used a total of 150ltrs of derv, compared to the older versions that would use 100ltrs per day!