DVS updates October 2024 – is your fleet ready?


After operating for 100 years, Brit European Transport is accutely aware of how things can change in our idustry, and the importance of keeping up to date.  To this end, we are taking proactive steps to ensure compliance with the updated Direct Vision Standard (DVS) Phase 2 requirements set by Transport for London (TfL). Adapting to these changes not only ensures compliance but also aligns with the broader goal of the Mayor of London’s Vision Zero initiative, aimed at eliminating road fatalities and serious injuries.

By focusing on enhancing driver safety through measures like installing the new Progressive Safe System (PSS) and ensuring compliance with permit requirements, Brit European is not only meeting regulatory standards but also contributing to creating safer roads in London. Additionally, by starting the implementation process early, Brit European can ensure a smooth transition and continue to operate efficiently within the city.

It is important for companies like Brit European to take proactive steps towards sustainability and safety, and to continue to lead the way in environmental innovation.  In the context of evolving regulations like the DVS Phase 2, this commitment reflects a broader industry trend towards adopting more environmentally friendly and safety-focused practices.